Coffee for a Military Chaplain

We've partnered with an amazing organization, OpDeployed. OpDeployed sends care packages around the world to deployed servicemen, in particular Chaplains from all branches of our armed forces. Their commitment: "Only the best for the best!" 

To date we have shipped literally hundreds of five pound bags of roasted coffee around the world, to hard to get to and dangerous countries. The coffee has proven to be a great tool for chaplains to be able to minister to their fellow servicemen in difficult places and under difficult pressures. Three five pounds bags of coffee fit perfectly in a large Flat Rate USPS box and can be sent to any military base for only $21.15.

For this special cause we offer our five pound bags of coffee at a 30% discount off of retail. That's $67 per bag, or $200 to send a complete care package of three 5 pound bags. With your purchase we will take care of the rest and make sure that a Chaplain is fully supplied with fresh coffee to minister to his troops!

Note: Please fill in the delivery address as your own for the system to process your order but we will take care of shipping this directly to the military bases for you. The system requires a shipping address to process the order. 

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