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Two Varieties - Two Unique Processes

Caturra Variety

Caturra is an Arabica hybrid fathered by a natural mutation of the Bourbon varietal that was first discovered in Brazil around 1915. It is distinguished by crisp and mild sweet flavors, which our farm exploits by using a classic "fermented - washed process" to ready the bean for drying. The result is a cup with chocolate notes and a smooth (not tangy) citrus accent.

Catimor Variety

Catimor is one of the staple coffee varieties of Honduras, but our Catimor is anything but common. To present you with its hidden flavors, we use an especially labor-intensive natural process, leaving the fruit around the seed while drying, allowing fruity sugars to penetrate the bean. The result is an amazing cup with dark cherry accents and chocolate notes. If your palate is especially discerning, there is also a hint of plum.