All You Need To Know About Honduran Coffee!

All You Need To Know About Honduran Coffee!

February 08, 2023

Today coffee production is a beneficial business in Honduras, all thanks to the tremendous growth that coffee production has witnessed over the years. The history of coffee in Honduras is not perfect as they did not start on top of the production chain as they are now. 

Coffee production in Honduras started around the 1800s. At that time, coffee cultivation was not half as lucrative as it is today. In the 1800s, the demand for coffee was not high, which made farmers move on to banana production. It was the 1900s when the production of coffee in Honduras saw a surge. However, that does not mean it didn’t come with its challenges. 

The 1900s can be referred to as the second era of coffee in Honduras. In this second era, the farmers of coffee resided in remote areas, and there were no good roads available to transport this coffee out of the farms for export. 

Many people who haven’t heard about Honduran coffee are most likely asking themselves where I can buy Honduran coffee? Getting Honduran coffee is not hard, as you can check in stores around you. Honduran coffee production is peculiar to six major regions of the country. 

Out of all these regions, the one that produces the coffee tagged as the best Honduran coffee is the Montecillos region. More information about the jewel of Honduran coffee will be revealed as you proceed. 

Things to know about Honduran coffee 

When it comes to Honduran coffee, there are lots of things to know. And some of them will be shared in this section; 
One of the first things one should know about Honduran coffee is the coffee-producing regions. There are six regions producing coffee in Honduras, and they include 


This region is one of the six coffee-producing regions in Honduras. The coffee growing season here is between December and March. Agalta boasts a tropical climate and chocolate-flavored coffee.


This coffee region can be found in the heart of Honduras. Here December to march is the harvest season. The coffee here is one of the highest quality in the country. 


The third coffee-producing region of Copan runs along the Guatemalan border. Coffee is produced at a very high altitude of 1000m. 

El Paraiso 

Although it is part of the coffee-producing regions of Honduras, it has the lowest production rate of the six regions. The coffee here has a sweet citrus scent. 


The coffee produced here has a strong aroma and an acidic taste 


This region is the crown of coffee in Honduras. It is the highest coffee-producing region in Honduras. The coffee here is of high quality and also possesses a velvet body. 

How coffee is processed in Honduras 

The main method used in the production of coffee in Honduras is known as the wet processing method. This method makes use of a lot of water. With this method, the fruits are removed before it starts to dry. 

Honduras coffee beans

There are various types of coffee beans in Honduras, and they include 


The arabica coffee bean takes its root in Ethiopia. It gets its name through its journey across Arabia and is one of the best coffee beans.


This is a close relative of the arabica. It features a smooth velvet body, a strong aroma, and low acidity. 


This coffee bean matures quickly, making it ideal for high productivity and profit. 
Arabica, Bourbon, Caturra, etc. All these coffee beans are available at San Lazaro Coffee at Competitive Prices. The best thing about our coffee beans is they grow in rich volcanic soils, which is the main reason behind their great texture, high-quality flavors, and fresh aroma. So, what are you waiting for? Buy Now! 

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