A Complete Guide About Honduran Coffee!

A Complete Guide About Honduran Coffee!

February 01, 2023

Coffee has been around for a long time, although in the modern age, we have various flavors of coffee. With all these flavors that are around today, original coffee sticks out in terms of taste and quality. 

A large portion of the world today are coffee fanatics. As a lover of coffee, one of the best coffees you will ever taste is Honduras coffee. If you never tasted Honduran coffee, then you are missing out on a great coffee taste.

There are lots of Honduran coffee for sale in the coffee market today. And that is a result of the rapid transformation that happened in the production of coffee in Honduras. Before you buy Honduran coffee from San Lazaro coffee, understand about Honduran coffee in detail.   

History of Honduran Coffee

The production of coffee in Honduras can be dated way back to the 1800s, although at that time, coffee production in the country was not on a large scale. It is a well-known fact that coffee farming is an investment that doesn’t pay early. But if you have patience, it can be the perfect investment for you. 

As a result of the slow return on investments, a lot of farmers in Honduras tend to steer clear of coffee production. The growth of coffee exportation in Honduras was slow because of bad roads. One thing is the slow return on investment, coupled with the bad roads, made it more discouraging. 

The demand for coffee was low, and the farmers planting coffee lived in remote areas with bad roads, which made transporting the coffee almost impossible. Not until the 1900s, when the roads to the coffee farmers were fixed, that the value of coffee surged in Honduras. Gradually, it became far easier to export coffee. 
In the year 2011, Honduras was named the largest coffee producer in the whole of South America. 

Coffee-producing regions of Honduras 

As the largest coffee-producing country in South America, there are lots of regions producing coffee. 


The coffee season in this region ranges from December to March. Also, this region boasts a tropical climate and produces coffee that has the scent of chocolate, which most coffee drinkers adore. 


This region is along the border of Guatemala. And the coffees grown here are produced at an altitude of 1500m above sea level. The taste of coffee here is a mixed blend of chocolate and plant flavors. 


Coffee in this region has an acidic taste. And it is packed with strong aromas. This coffee is packed with tropical fruit flavors and grapes. 


This region has the crown of the highest coffee-producing region in Honduras. Coffee in this region has a characterized velvet body and strong acidic content. It also boasts fruity flavors such as peach and a hint of orange. 

Buy Different types of Coffee From San Lazaro Coffee!

The San Lazaro Coffee is a popular platform for all coffee lovers. Catimor, Caturra, Sidamo, etc., one will get all major coffee flavors here. Our coffee grows in the volcanic soil of the la cotija mountains. This volcanic soil is rich in nutrients making it the perfect place to grow coffee. This is one of the reasons why San Lazaro Coffee is the best place to buy high-quality coffee. 

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